Guys and Boots

Katie Lyle: October 2015



Do you think about your own hand when you look at a drawing of one? Does your hand tingle and twitch when you look at the drawing because the bones and muscles in your own hand are the reason you understand the gesture?

Looking at these seminude bodies I wonder what the connection is between drawing these funny figures and thinking about a human body, both my own and others. They are doodles in an order that means human parts: dots for eyes and long pointed stick noses and swoops for backs and bums.

I started the series when I was in between studios and working out of my apartment during the summer in 2014.

Anagrams for Ovid

Jenine Marsh: September 16-30, 2015



changing room dividers
Ovid’s rind-gong chimera
changer’s dividing room

he or i’d go carving minds
Ovid changing dermis or
dividing chrome organs
and cohering grim voids

him dicing grave donors
deriving harmonic gods
merging in sordid havoc

him revising cog and rod
organ coding drives him
organics did govern him

i serving him rod and cog
I mind his carved gorgon
she a roving cog-rid mind
grid among orchid vines

edging ovid’s rich manor
i am on diverging chords
i’m changing ovid’s order

viscid organ doming her
desiring a moving chord
vain dermis chord i gong
a dermis giving no chord
hording dim organ vices
reddish, organic, moving

arms did go inching over
arms do hiding, covering
covering-hid dim organs

come, rigid roving hands
midges roving an orchid
dig an orchid’s removing
dig conversion, dig harm
dig grim hag conversion

ovid’s monarch egg i rind
oh, discarding, removing
ovid’s chiming red organ
odd organ servicing him
carved gorgon, diminish

viced organism hording
her coding is roving mad
going mad in rich droves
chiming red organ voids
chords merging in a void
echoing rind’s mad vigor
Ovid’s rind-gong chimera


Sharing a Zombie

Lisa Diquinzio & Jennifer Murphy: August 17- Sept 15, 2015



photo 3-2

Sharing a zombie,
Sharing a doll,
Sharing a brain,
Sharing a pet,
Sharing a leash,
Sharing a lead,
Sharing a black sun,
Sharing a mottled moon,
Sharing a bed,
Sharing a sink hole,
Sharing a stage,
Sharing a coffin,
Sharing a zinnia


8 o’clock

WAVES (Shane Krepakevich & Sarah Nasby): June 4- July 1, 2015

8oclock2_6658 oclock detail square








8 o’clock is the first collaborative sculpture by Waves (Sarah Nasby and Shane Krepakevich). 8 o’clock is a shelf that offers a lamp, and a lamp that offers a shelf. Neighbouring elements become complements as functional imperatives are shared, displaced, and dodged. This interdependent array of posts, shelves, legs, objects, and light form a structure whose propensity for display becomes its spirit and act.

Above the Clouds

Aryen Hoekstra: May 16- June 3, 2015

It has come to our attention that a mysterious force is loose​..somewhere in outer space.

The mysteries of creation are there.

Up in the sky?

Up in the sky.

The moon and the planets are there.
And new hopes for knowledge and peace are there.
And therefore as we set sail; we ask God’s blessing –
on the most hazardous, and dangerous, and greatest adventure
of which man has ever embarked.

Samples from “JFK Speech on Space Flight” by John F. Kennedy & ​“Superman – The Man from Krypton: Part II” by Peter Pan Records, contained on “Above the Clouds” from Moment of Truth (1998) by Gang Starr.