Howard Park Institute (HPI) is a window gallery located at 2088 Dundas Street West, Toronto ON. This blog documents projects organized by Jessica Groome while subletting HPI from Catherine Beaudette throughout 2015.

January, Rob Nicholls
February, Josh Thorpe & Emily Smit-Dicks
May 1-15, CIRCLES & WIGS (Ashleigh Bartlett & Jessica Groome)
May 16- June 3, Aryen Hoekstra
June 4-July 1, WAVES (Shane Krepakevich & Sarah Nasby)
July, Ella Dawn McGeough
August- 1-15, Erica Mendritzki
August 17- September 15, Lisa DiQuinzioJennifer Murphy
September 16-30, Jenine Marsh
October, Katie Lyle

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